The southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge marks the starting point of what was to become Mosman Rowing Club. Known as Dawes Point, from 1873 Mercantile Rowing Club boated from this amazing location, a few hundred metres from Circular Quay.

The growing traffic on a working harbour and the demands placed by maritime commerce on the foreshore eventually forced Mercantile to relocate. Luckily, Sydney Harbour and its intricate system of waterways offered solutions.

Before World War I, Mosman Bay was a very quiet if not expansive stretch of water. A new shed was built on its southern shore and from 1911 Mercantile became Mosman Rowing Club.

By the 1950’s busier harbour and Mosman Bay traffic was again putting pressure on rowing, and a modest training centre was built at Pearl Bay, just east of The Spit Bridge. It was this move that gave MRC access to one of the finest stretches of rowing water in the world.

By the early 2000’s the boat shed at Pearl Bay and the licensed club at Mosman Bay decided to go their separate ways, and in 2008 MRC opened a new state of the art boatshed and gymnasium alongside the older facility. The two sheds now service the rowing needs of members as well as five Sydney Schools.

Two sheds, twin pontoons including disabled access, the gymnasium, a trailer compound and storage all mean that Mosman can offer a complete rowing environment.

Over the years Mosman has produced many of Australia’s most successful Olympic and international rowers, and the development of high performance rowers remains the club’s primary purpose and focus.

Mosman Rowing Club is also home to a large and growing contingent of Masters rowers who continue to represent Mosman Rowing Club in competition around Australia and overseas.

Mosman is committed to the development of rowing as a sport. It has a strong Junior program.

For adults, the Club’s Learn-to-Row (LTR) and Row For Fitness (RFF) programs are specifically designed for novice and beginner rowers.