Mosman Rowing Club Trivia Night

This MRC Trivia Night will be held at the club on the evening of Saturday,  6 August.  Please mark it in your diaries.  We have held off promoting the event until after the Rowing NSW dinner.  More details will follow this week.  I have little doubt that my table will win handsomely!

J.B. Sharp Regatta this Saturday

It is very likely that at least one MRC crew will be racing at the J.B. Sharp regatta next Sunday.  If you would like to compete please contact Mark Barrand at

Windy Wednesday

Wednesday morning was the windiest I have seen it at the club.  If the middle bay’s roller door was more than two thirds open the gusts blew the sculling blades off the racks.

The Ted Bromley 4

The Bromley is now fixed (and bookable) following the damage suffered at the Masters Nationals in Queensland last month.  Although a storm was a contributing factor the real cause was an unknown candidate for a Wombat Award who failed to tie the boat to the rack securely (or perhaps at all) L

Incidentally, last night Nick Garratt told me a great story about Ted Bromley who, of course, was a Mosman member.  Details will follow.

General Maintenance

Dave Wear has cleaned the gutters of the shed which were chock-a-block with debris.  Thank you, Dave.

Last week Paul Bartels pointed out that the concrete floors of the north and south bays become very slippery when wet.

I guess most of us hadn’t noticed as, according to other clubs, MRC members think they walk on water.

On Friday some special paint and grit was applied to solve the problem.

If you think something needs doing and you can’t do it then and there send me an email.


Dave Wear has forwarded to me this link to a highlights video of Henley 2016.  It’s worth a look.  By coincidence, on the way to the rowing dinner last night I met on the ferry the stroke of the Sydney RC eight who were disqualified.  I asked if he had told the cox that the umpire wanted them to move over.  He said, “Yes.  Three times!”

Henley video

Wombat awards

There are no Wombat awards this week.  No doubt atrocities were committed but they were not detected.

Rowing NSW membership

Rowing NSW membership runs on the financial year so renewals are due.

Here is the link.

Video of the week

Nothing to do with rowing this week