Learn to row coaching, Noise complaint this morning, Alarm, Gym closure, Video of the week

Learn to Row coaches for term 4

Sorry to harp on about this but we are still short one coach for the next seven weekends of LTR.

We urgently need a fill-in coach for tomorrow (Saturday) at 8am.

We also need a larger panel of people who can act as fill-in coaches occasionally.
Please help and email Suzanne Hartley at learntorow@mosmanrowing.com.

Private function in gym this Saturday afternoon

Please note that the gym has been booked for a private function this Saturday (tomorrow/Oct. 8) between 12 noon and 6pm and will therefore be off-limits.

Noise complaint this morning

A resident between the Bluff and the green pole has complained to the club about noise from rowers this morning. We are trying to get more details and identify the likely offender(s).

Please try to make as little noise as possible, particularly when you are near the Bluff or between the Bluff and an imaginary point about 200m north of the green pole.

Alarm system/daylight saving

Some members have experienced problems with the alarm system when entering the clubhouse at 5am. These were caused by the alarm system not being on daylight saving. This has now been rectified. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Gym off limits on Saturday, 22 October from 4pm

Loreto Kirribilli has booked the gym for a function this Saturday evening. Set-up commences at 4pm. The gym will be unavailable from that time until first thing Sunday morning.

Missing lights

A number of sets of private navigation lights have gone missing from the club. The latest set to vanish were black plastic. If you have seen or accidentally grabbed them, please let me know so they can be returned to their rightful owner.

Video of the week

Red Bull, the drink company, sponsors all sorts of extreme sports.  It turns out that they even sponsor rowing events.  Here is footage of two of them.

The first is a race against the Severn Wash which is a wave formed by the incoming tide on the River Severn in England.


The second is of a challenge for two Norwegian national rowers to take a double scull upstream against the most powerful tidal flow in the world which is at a place in Norway, Saltsraumen.

During each tide 400 million cubic metres of seawater pass through a channel that is 1.9km long and 150m wide. Over six hours, that averages out at more than seven Olympic pools per second.

I have included the first clip to give you a better idea about the watercourse.  The second is the actual Red Bull video