RFF roster changed, LTR substitute coaches, Final subs reminder, Abusive Wombat, Video of the week

RFF roster – important change

Thank you to everyone who chipped in and served as an RFF coach in Terms 2 or 3. It took a big load off members such as Tim Sheridan who have given years of RFF service.

Unfortunately, I have decided to discontinue the Rowing for Fitness Roster. The main reason is that the RFF rowers much preferred having just one or two coaches over the term. Sally Maspero and Stephen Morton have kindly agreed to be the RFF coaches this term.

The committee is looking at a longer-term RFF solution, starting in Term 1 of 2017.

LTR substitute coaches

We have a full complement of LTR coaches though, due to us having few volunteers, some coaches are taking more than one session. Now that you have been relieved from a six-monthly RFF duty, why not volunteer to be a stand-in coach by emailing Suzanne Hartley at learntorow@mosmanrowing.com ? It can be really satisfying, provided you have a modicum of patience! Over the weekend, Suzanne received an email from one of the new LTR people which read,

Dear Suzanne,
Just some feedback to the Club and XXXXXX.
After a difficult windy morning last Sunday – we found some rhythm and balance on some smooth water this morning which was most enjoyable.
XXXXXX is a very patient and helpful coach for us.
I’m enjoying it tremendously and wanted to thank the Club for the opportunity to re-learn old skills at a mature age.
It’s rare in today’s world.
Thank you.


The committee will very soon appoint a date for the AGM. It will almost certainly be on the second last weekend in November or the first weekend in December. These are the weekends on either side of the Head of the Yarra weekend. Serious thought is also being given to holding the meeting on a Saturday rather than a Sunday morning as this may enable more people to attend. I recognise however that some members may have to take children to Saturday school sport. If you have a strong view one way or the other please feel free to email me.

A major agenda item for the AGM is, of course, election of a new committee. I plan to stand again but will happily stand aside if a ‘greater fool’ puts his or her hand up. If you would like to stand for a committee position feel free to speak to me (or not, as you see fit).

Do you have a current first aid certificate?

If so, please email Sally Maspero at sallymaspero@gmail.com . We are trying to compile a list of members with first aid (or medical) qualifications.

Subs are due by Monday, October 31

Subscriptions must be paid by tomorrow/Monday or your membership will lapse which means no rowing. If you have not received a subscription notice please email Kristane Foxton at membership@mosmanrowing.com

Abusive Wombats

I am sorry to report that there have been some instances of members addressing other members in what might be described as a most intemperate manner.

Admittedly this was in the heat of the moment but if it wouldn’t be acceptable in your home or place of work then surely it shouldn’t be acceptable at the club or on the water.

I row to keep fit and have fun and I like to leave the club feeling tired, happy and relaxed. However, I am sure that anyone who has been club captain would say that the captain should only expect to leave Pearl Bay feeling the first of these.

Video of the week

Last week I delivered a eulogy for my best friend. He was my age and died from a terrible case of lung cancer. The lessons are, I guess, live life to the full and don’t smoke.

He was in the two seat of Bob Shirlaw’s first ever crew at Shore School and won the Yaralla Cup (First Four) at the Head of the River in 1977. This was the start of Bob Shirlaw’s ‘dynasty’ at Shore.

Here is a video of the race. I wouldn’t expect anyone to watch the whole video but the last 100m (from 6 minutes) is a cracker finish between three crews. The margins in the old money were 3’ and 2’.