Captain’s Blog 20 January 2017

Lights, Taree, Shoes, Coaching, LTR, Wombat, Video of the week Lights needed again Although it’s still mid-summer the days are of course steadily getting shorter.  This morning sunrise was at 5.57am.  On Sunday it will be at 6.00am. As you know, lights are compulsory on boats before sunrise (and after sunset). If you need to buy a pair of lights, why not contact MRC member, Dave Wear, at Taree regatta this weekend A large contingent of younger members from Linda’s squad and also masters are heading to the Taree regatta this weekend.  Good luck to everyone! The following quads/fours/doubles/pairs are on trailers and not available till Monday morning.  They should have, by now, been booked in the SNB system to indicate this. 2x /- Zouba Campbell Hardcastle Garratt [...]