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Congratulations to Sean Murphy

MRC member Sean Murphy has been selected to represent Australia in the Senior A Lightweight Quad at the 2017 World Championships in Saratosa, Florida in September.  He will relocate to the National Training Centre in Canberra in April.

On Friday, I received the following note from Matthias Ungemach, our Director of Rowing.

Last Saturday (11 March) we sent Sean Murphy with his single on his own car to the Rowing Australia Senior A Trials held at Penrith. 

I said: “…enjoy the experience and learn”. Our target was the U23 team…Sean left with the words,”…this will be like a rowing holiday….awesome”

I am pleased to inform you that, after one week of intensive trialling (a.k.a. holiday), Sean has been selected to represent Australia in the Senior A Lightweight Quad in 2017 at the World Championship in Saratosa, Florida.  

Sean started rowing in 2011 in Year 9 at St Augustine’s.  He was part of three 1st IV crews and in his Senior Year, as a Mosman member, made the U19 Australian Team in the JM4-. He was part of the Australian U21 Team last year, winning his small boat events with distinction and the overall Rusty Robertson trophy for the series. Through his entire career he has stroked every crew he has raced in and this year it is no different. At only 174cm and 68kgs he is a natural lightweight and one of the fiercest competitors you could find. 

I am proud to have him as an Old Boy at St Augustine’s, coaching Year 8 boys and giving back to his school and ultimately MRC. With my MRC hat on, I can’t speak highly enough of his determination.  Also, over the last few months he was always happy to row with boys much junior to him to help them, while preparing to a level which gained him Australian selection.

Congratulations, Sean!

Drummoyne last weekend and this

There were some excellent results at the Drummoyne Grade regatta last Sunday and as you will see below many of these competitors are again competing on Iron Cove this Sunday, this time in the Drummoyne Masters regatta.  If this continues next season MRC can win the NSW points score, as it should.

Men’s C Grade 8+ 1st Andrey Zubko, Timothy Wirth, James Taylor, Evan Sturrock, Mark Lewarne, Peter Sutton, Stuart Halsall, Andrew Hourigan, Cox: Wendy Miller
Women’s C Grade 4x 2nd Kristane Foxton, Linda Mudronja, Jenny Wilson, Jane Tribe
Men’s A/B Grade 4- 1st Mark Lewarne, Peter Sutton, Stuart Halsall, Andrew Hourigan
Women’s A/B 1x 2nd Wendy Miller
Women’s A/B 2- 3rd Jane Tribe, Jenny Wilson
Women’s D 1x 2nd Sally Maspero
Men’s C 4+ 1st Mark Lewarne, Peter Sutton, Stuart Halsall, Andrew Hourigan, Cox: Wendy Miller
Women’s C 1x 1st Jenny Wilson
Women’s C 2- 4th Sally Maspero, Lisa Cottee
Women’s D 2x 1st Linda Mudronja, Jane Tribe
Women’s D4x 1st Sally Maspero, Kristane Foxton, Linda Mudronja, Wendy Miller


Good luck to the following MRC members who have entered races in the Drummoyne Masters Regatta on Sunday.

Women: Bek Hourigan, Wendy Miller Linda Mudronja, Marg Small, Annie Taylor, Jane Tribe, Jenny Wilson,

Men:  Jim Aroney, Bruce Begbie, Kerry Braslin, Mark Connaghan, Lachlan Evans, Harry Fine, John Hardy, John May, Steve Morton, John Newcomb, Robert Newlinds, John Struik, Mark Williams

Sydney International Rowing Regatta – volunteers still needed

This commences on Monday and most of our junior and development squads are racing.  I shall provide a full listing next week.

The regatta organisers still need volunteers to act as boat holders.  If you can help please contact the organisers on 0477 499 130 or at  as soon as possible.

New equipment

The replacement lightweight 2x/2- for the Gen/Jess which was damaged beyond repair has arrived and been commissioned.  It is in the Club/Masters C pool on SportsNoticeBoard with the temporary name “Suitable” until a suitable name is chosen!

The boat has quick release riggers and is currently rigged as a pair.  It was a great effort extracting it from the timber crate.  Thank you to Nick and also new recreational members Patrick Michel, Peter Martin and Steven Doan for helping last Sunday and to Nick for rigging it.

Nick has also today changed the sweep and sculling riggers on the Steven Evans OAM 4 to quick release.  He also unblocked a toilet in the new shed and did a petrol run.

Some new cox boxes, speakers, mics and wiring ‘looms’ have been ordered and should arrive by Friday which will alleviate some of the problems experienced this week by our masters eights.

Social event

A group of members are planning a club social event in June.  I think this is a wonderful idea.  Not enough of us know lots of other members other than by sight.

If you have suggestions for venues or themes or would like to help in some way (or if you think it is a stupid idea!) please email me.

Masters regatta entries

Annie Taylor is doing a great job with the masters regatta entries.  To make things run smoothly please make sure you comply with standard procedure and email all entry requests to no later than the Saturday evening before entries close (usually 5pm Monday).  Late requests (e.g. at 10pm on Sunday night) cause problems and sometimes disappointment.

It is Annie’s practice to confirm via email to those requesting entries that she has processed them.

Wombat awards

People with only one light or one or two very dim lights.  It is pretty obvious who is going to come off second best in a larger craft hits a rowing shell.

Some older masters men leaving the club mid-week well after everyone else and not putting away trestles, singles trolleys, buckets, hoses, etc.

Video(s) of week

One of Drew Ginn’s videos.  More pause at the finish than many people recommend but the handle really accelerates through the stroke as in the double scull video of last week.  Click here

Another of Nick Garratt’s videos.  This one of Dan Noonan.  I don’t believe it is possible to row even one stroke like this unless you are very flexible and strong.  On the water sessions and ergs (with no stretching or weights) can only take you so far.  Click here

Not a video but a pretty amazing story.  A 100km erg (yes 100km, not 10km) followed by a marathon.  Click here